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Jack Roth
Photo by (c) 2012
Jack Roth

One of Jack Roth's first investigative forays occurred in New Orleans, La., in 1997, when he wrote and co-produced a TV demo titled Hauntings: A Journey Into the Unknown. From 2001 to 2007 — in an effort to document witness testimony — Jack coordinated and led hands-on weekend excursions during which he took guests to various haunted destinations across the United States. Jack appeared as a principle investigator in Ghost Detectives, a one-hour TV special produced in 2001 that continues to air on the Discovery Channel. In 2007, he was interviewed for the Gettysburg-based documentary titled The Other Side: Giving Up the Ghost. Most recently, he has participated as an on-camera paranormal investigator in several TV demos for the Emmy Award-winning production company Lightworks-KPI Productions. The company’s latest effort, Haunted House for Sale, was greenlighted and aired on the DIY Network.

Ghost Soldiers of Gettysburg
Ghost Soldiers of Gettysburg
Searching for Spirits on America's Most Famous Battlefield
Trade Paperback  |  $16.99  |  9780738739700  |  October 2014
Discover the paranormal legacy of one of America's most celebrated historical sites. Based on scores of investigations conducted at the battlefield, Ghost Soldiers of Gettysburg presents a wealth of... Read more

Date: 2014-10-20
It's hard to go to Gettysburg and not run into someone who has had a "strange" experience there. From true believers to outright skeptics, everyone reacts to these experiences with a sense of uncertainty, and the one thing they all have in common is the fact that they can't confirm what happened to them. Jack Roth, co-author of Ghost Soldiers of Gettysburg, describes why we should embrace these experiences, despite anything that science might suggest to the contrary.

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