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Author Information

Sabine Wittmann

Ms. Wittmann was born in Salzburg, Austria. After a four year program she graduated from Heilpraktiker (Natural Healer) School in Munich, Germany. In 1997 she opened a private practice for energy healing in Berlin. She has been giving lectures and seminars, as well as writing articles, in Germany and Austria for over ten years.

At the present time she specializes in women's issues, particularly the psychological and energetic issues surrounding fertility. As a practitioner of energy work, Homeopathy, and several whole body therapies (reflexology, lymph drainage, therapeutic massage, etc.), she has seen first-hand how conditioning and subtle cultural prejudices still adversely affect the energetic and physical health of women.

Her goal is to help modern woman to become more creative, radiant, joyful, and free.

Energy Healing for Women
Energy Healing for Women
Meditations, Mudras, and Chakra Practices to Restore your Feminine Spirit
Trade Paperback  |  $18.99  |  9780738741123  |  August 2015
Reclaim your personal strength, joy, and sense of pleasure through a new understanding of your energy field. Energy Healing for Women provides effective exercises to heal injury and restore wholeness... Read more


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