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The Alchemist's Illusion

By: Gigi Pandian
Series: An Accidental Alchemist Mystery #4
Imprint: Midnight Ink
Specs: Trade Paperback | 9780738753010
English  |  336 pages | 5 x 8 x 1 IN
Pub Date: January 2019
Retail Price: $15.99
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Praise for the Accidental Alchemist Mysteries:

The Alchemist's Illusion

"Pandian paints a lovely picture of relationships throughout the book's mystery of greed and violence."—New York Journal of Books

"Surprising plot twists, several cliffhangers, and vivid magical imagery will keep fans of paranormal cozies turning the pages."—Publishers Weekly

"Sparkles most when it stays true to the wonder of its magical subject."—Foreword Reviews

Elusive Elixir

"Pandian's imaginative third Accidental Alchemist mystery ... will please those who like their cozies filled with magic."—Publishers Weekly

"Pandian writes fun, light-hearted mysteries and is an expert at developing sympathetic characters, both major and minor."—Bustle

"A quirky, incredible series ... The characters are immensely unique and the writing is A+, so you won't want to miss a word."—Suspense Magazine

"The unbelievable premise is no problem given the inventive powers of Pandian."—Kirkus Reviews

The Masquerading Magician

"People who enjoy character driven stories with mystery, magic, supernatural creatures, and historical intrigue will greatly enjoy this inventive, well-written tale."—Portland Book Review

"A fine, whimsical, paranormal book ... this plot certainly holds your attention."—Suspense Magazine

"[The Masquerading Magician] is enjoyable and holds together quite nicely."—Reviewing the Evidence

The Accidental Alchemist

A 2016 Lefty Award winner for Best LCC Regional Mystery

"This reviewer is eagerly anticipating more from this series, and a return of a cast more fun than an episode of Portlandia."—RT Book Reviews

"Pandian...launches a supernatural cozy series that hits high marks for a modern twist on an ancient practice. Amusing supporting characters and historical details solidify this engaging mystery."—Library Journal

"[A] lighthearted supernatural mystery...Pandian sets this series apart from other fluffy paranormal mysteries with Zoe's cute nonhuman sidekick and some mouthwatering vegan recipes."—Publishers Weekly

"A whimsical and charming supernatural mystery."—Mystery Scene

"What really makes this book stand out, however, is the originality...Pandian has managed to create an eccentric and charming cast of characters readers are going to want to spend more time with."—RT Book Reviews Online

"The Accidental Alchemist is a recipe for a great read. Gigi Pandian's pen never disappoints."—Juliet Blackwell, New York Times bestselling author of the Witchcraft Mystery Series

"Mysterious, captivating, and infused with the rich history of the Northwest...fantastic."—Portland Book Review

"A magical, whimsical cozy that will delight readers who enjoy Juliet Blackwell and Heather Weber mysteries!"—Avery Aames (aka Daryl Wood Gerber), author of the Cheese Shop Mysteries

"Zoe and Dorian are my new favorite amateur-sleuth duo!"—Victoria Laurie, New York Times bestselling author

"Readers won't want to put this book down."—Vegetarian Journal


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