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Clutter Intervention
How Your Stuff Is Keeping You Stuck

By: Tisha Morris
Imprint: Llewellyn
Specs: Trade Paperback | 9780738753263
English  |  216 pages | 6 x 9 x 1 IN
Pub Date: February 2018
Retail Price: $17.99
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Introduction … 1

Chapter 1: Your Home Is a Mirror: What Are You Projecting?
Using Your Home to Manifest Your Life 10
Shadow Work Through Space 12
Out of the Closet and Into the Light 14
The Fear of Empty Space 16
How Much Stuff Is Too Much? 19

Chapter 2: Identity Crises: Who Am I?
Forming Identity Through Our Stuff 24
When Ego Meets Change 29
The Hero's Journey to Rediscover Your Soul 31
Catalytic Events That Shape Us 41

Chapter 3: Stuck on You: Past Relationships
Shared Items 50
Gifts Received 53
Mementos 54
Photos 56

Chapter 4: I Am What I Did: Past Careers and Jobs
Career Clothing 64
Papers and Manuals 66
Supplies 69
Awards 71

Chapter 5: The Glory Days: Past Associations, Accomplishments, and Stories
Parenthood 78
Association with Cities 82
High School or College Personas 84
Our Stories and Experiences 85

Chapter 6: What Could Have Been: Unhealed Wounds and Unresolved Grief
The Process of Letting Go (Grief ) 95
Items of Departed Loved Ones 103
Regret, Resentment, and Remorse 106
Collections 108
Comfort Items 110
How Decluttering Differs for Men and Women 111

Chapter 7: Too Much of a Good Thing: Overcompensation of Identity
Beauty Products: The Beauty Queen 119
Papers, Magazines, and Ideas: The Resourceful 121
Clothing: The Stylish 123
Status Symbols: The Successful 125
Children's Toys: The Good Mother 127
Messy Environment: The Creative 132
Neat Environment: The Organizer 134

Chapter 8: To Keep or Not to Keep: Common Cover Excuses
It Was a Gift 138
Just in Case 142
I'll Get It Fixed 144
For My Kids 146
It's Worth a Lot of Money 147
I Don't Want to Add to Landfills 149
It's All My Spouse's Stuff 152

Chapter 9: The Digital Clutter Crisis: Out of Sight, Out of Mind?
Tips for Digital Decluttering 155
Experiences Are the New Commodity 159
Losing the Past to the Present 160
Is It Okay to Get Rid of Memorabilia? 161

Chapter 10: Clutter Clearing Step-by-Step: Roll Up Your Sleeves
Create One Area You Love 167
Ask for Help 167
Remove Easy Things First 167
Make a List 168
Be Present 169
Set Aside Time 170
Divide and Conquer 170
Decide on Undecided Items 171
The Body Knows Best 173
Final Step: Delivery 176

Conclusion … 177

Appendix … 179

Bibliography … 181


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