Tuesday, August 14, 2018
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2 Winter 2019 Trade Catalog
Midnight Ink
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About our ONIX Title Feed

We have 3 different types of data that are available:

  • Bibliographic data in ONIX 2.1
  • Descriptive data (text excerpts, author bios, etc.) in ONIX 2.1
  • Cover image jpg files

For Print Onix 2.1 Only: We can either push feeds to your FTP server or you can pick them up from our FTP server. Below are some details about each of the feeds.

We provide separate eBook ONIX feeds to those customers who require them. If you are interested in selling our eBook content, please send an email to ONIX_support@llewellyn.com.

All ONIX 2.1 feeds are sent out on the 6th and 17th of the month. Only ONIX complete title feeds are available at this time.

Cover Images:
Cover feeds are deltas of all new covers created for the upcoming catalog. Cover images are RGB jpg files named by a 13digit ISBN without dashes.


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