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Out of Print Titles

The following are the most recent titles to become Out of Print (OP). If you have questions about earlier titles, feel free to contact us.

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Date OP ISBN-13 Title Pub Date Product Type
12-06-2018 9780738747279 Meta-Barons Tarot Jun 2015 Boxed Deck
12-06-2018 9780738731100 Ludy Lescot Tarot Sep 2011 Boxed Deck
12-06-2018 9780738748337 The Little Book of Happiness Oct 2015 Hard Cover
11-29-2018 9780738707815 Whispers from the Woods Feb 2006 Trade Paperback
11-20-2018 9780738721255 Cosmic Energy Jun 2010 Trade Paperback
11-20-2018 9780738715117 The Real Witches' Book of Spells and Rituals Apr 2009 Trade Paperback
11-20-2018 9780738729633 Pagan Magical Book May 2011 Trade Paperback
11-12-2018 9780738755090 Tarot of the Black Cats The Magician Magnet Mar 2017 Poster
11-12-2018 9780738711829 Tarot Art Nouveau Grand Trumps May 2007 Boxed Deck
11-12-2018 9780738706016 Celtic Mini Tarot Apr 2005 Boxed Deck - Mini
10-24-2018 9780738751511 Tarot Apokalypsis Book May 2017 Hard Cover
10-24-2018 9780738741284 Sphere Himalayan Salt Lamp Jan 2015 Salt Lamps
10-22-2018 9780738702551 Gothic Grimoire Sep 2002 Trade Paperback
10-18-2018 9780738733623 Michelangelo Tarot Deck May 2012 Boxed Deck
10-18-2018 9780738713915 Hip Witch Tarot Kit Nov 2008 Boxed Kit
10-17-2018 9780738719344 Pagan Magical Kit Oct 2009 Boxed Kit
10-16-2018 9780738755038 Tarot Art Nouveau Justice Magnet Mar 2017 Poster
10-16-2018 9781567183412 Pagan Ways Sep 2002 Trade Paperback
10-03-2018 9781567183146 Inside a Magical Lodge Dec 1998 Trade Paperback
09-25-2018 9781567181197 How to Get Everything You Ever Wanted Sep 2000 Trade Paperback

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